What was the best?

by Pravin on September 10th, 2011 in articles.

Matthew M stopped by to ask a few questions that have probably been discussed by many at forums and amongst friends, and even around the water cooler.

Don’t know if you get this – 2 questions:

1) After all was said and done, what was the BEST QUALITY HD DVD player made?

2) Did they ever release an HD DVD recorder or burner to make HD DVDR disks? If so, the best one please.

Thank you for your efforts. I always preferred HD DVD over BluRay, the only thing I did not like was the movies released as Combo and not just HD DVD. Most were released both ways somewhere in the world but a few I wanted weren’t, very sad.

Ask what the “best” of something is, and you’ll usually bring up a lot of opinions, sometimes even backed up with evidence. Please share in the comments about what you think the “best quality” HD DVD player was, and the best of the HD DVD burners.

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