Wal-Mart Steps Up and Extends HD DVD Refunds

by Pravin on April 8th, 2008 in news.

November 2007 was a remarkable month in the history of HD DVD because Wal-Mart kicked off a big sale that many other retailers were quick to copy. In the end, it’s estimated that nearly 100,000 players were sold that month.

But business is business, and Wal-mart was swift in announcing they’d drop support for the format just a couple of months ago, and that was one of the factors that ultimately contributed to Toshiba’s decision to cease HD DVD production.

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, Wal-Mart is offering refunds for HD DVD players purchased on or after November 1. You just have to bring your receipt, no box is necessary. This is a big deal because Wal-Mart single-handedly brought a lot of non-technical people into the world of HD DVD and it seemed a little mean for them to so quickly ditch all of those customers.

Wal-mart is a little late to this party, however and only giving customers until April 30 to take advantage of this offer. Right around now, many of you who purchased HD DVD players from Best Buy are probably receiving your $50 gift cards — which don’t even require returning the units to the store. Prior to that, Circuit City graciously extended their returns policy to allow an extended period of time for customers to return HD DVD players.

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