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by Pravin on November 27th, 2010 in movies, news.

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One day, they’re gonna write folk songs about Gary Ugarek. Maybe they’ll even make Chuck Norris-like jokes, except the punchlines will be about how Gary has kept going back to support his dedicated fanbase and his own fondness for the HD DVD format.

Gary had had some amazing news about our favorite Blue laser format on this Black Friday: The original Deadlands movie will soon be released on a limited edition HD DVD release set for January 11, 2011.

Here’s the story straight from Gary’s press release:


WETNWILDRADIO FILMS is proud to announce their first motion picture feature, the 2006 indie sleeper hit DEADLANDS: THE RISING will be joining its younger brother, DEADLANDS 2: TRAPPED on the defunct HD DVD format for a limited edition run for all the HD DVD enthusiasts that still support the former TOSHIBA format.

Deadlands 1 & 2 Director Gary Ugarek, a huge supporter of the format campaigned to release the 2008 follow up to Deadlands 1, Deadlands 2: Trapped, on the format and the release was a massive success. While only released in a limited edition quantity of 500 copies, the title quickly sold out and now fetches top dollar as a collectors item via eBay auction and other online purchasing sources. It was only proper to release the original film on the format to help those who collected Deadlands 2, so they had a current and complete series.

“After the release of Deadlands 2 on HD DVD, the fans wanted the first film to also join the format. At first i was skeptical because Deadlands 1 wasn’t exactly a prime candidate for an HD DVD release, but after mulling it over for a few month I decided to give the fans of Deadlands 2 and HD DVD what they wanted…” – Gary Ugarek Writer/Director and CEO of WETNWILDRADIO FILMS.

Deadlands: The Rising is very much a Low Budget film, shot on a small budget of about $10,800.00 USD, while Deadlands 2, was shot on an even smaller budget of $6,000.00 USD. Combined both films have won a total of 6 awards and have garnered over 15 nominations at various film festivals around the world. Deadlands; The Rising was originally released by TEMPE VIDEO in April 2007 through their partner label SPLATTER RAMPAGE, and has remained the distributor top selling Zombie related title since its release in 2007. Deadlands 2: Trapped recently joined the TEMPE library with an extended and unrated release on October 19th 2010. (Deadlands 2: Trapped was originally released by LA Based Anthem Pictures in 2009, Anthem is the US distributor of the Deadlands 2 HD DVD)

The Deadlands: The Rising HD DVD will come with a plethora of new features including:

Extended Work Print Version of the film – Contains over 2+ Minutes of material not int he original DVD release and an Alternate Ending
Original Ending for the film
Deleted Scenes
5 Years Later – A Look Back at the Making of Deadlands: The Rising
Behind The Scenes – The Traffic Jam sequence
Behind The Scenes – Over Budget, Location short and trying to get it finished a short look at the headaches of producing the first feature film writer/director Gary Ugarek undertook.
much much more.

What makes this release more unique is not only is it another release for the format long considered defunct since 2008, but the HD DVD fan community helped make the release a reality. Fans of the format helped with everything from the authoring of the Disc itself to the ARTWORK for the release.

“Because HD DVD Authoring is more or less non-existent through production houses, the HD DVD fan community at HighDefDigest.Com helped WETnWILDRADIO FILMS bring everything together. Fans and supporters from France and Spain have gone above and beyond to make sure this release is as perfect as it can be by lending their expertise in the authoring of such a long forgotten format that has very little in the way of professional authoring tools available. This has really been an HD DVD Community effort and i am damn proud of the work accomplished by all involved.” – Gary Ugarek

Deadlands: The Rising is set for an early 2011 Release (January 11th 2011)

For more information about the film visit the official website at

Gary Ugarek

Go Gary!

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