New Indie HD DVD Release: Smokers

by Pravin on June 10th, 2010 in movies, news.

UPDATE June 30: First 100 Pre-orders are in, the disc is on!

Did you think you had every last HD DVD disc accounted for? You even counted Gary Ugarek’s Deadlands which came out this year, long after the official HD DVD party ended?

Well, pull out that spreadsheet or database program, because there’s soon going to be one more HD DVD title to add to the list (and maybe even more than that if things go well).

Indie filmmaker, and HD DVD fan, Michael Bilinski joins the ranks of fellow independent Gary Ugarek, in making an HD DVD version of his movie, Smokers.

In Michael’s own words:

The movie is a comedic documentary … “Smokers,” better known as stag films, were short adult films that I had heard about as a kid. Growing up in the 80’s video boom the circumstances under which these films were shown, typically consisting of home projectors at a secret gathering, intrigued me as much as their content. This film is a visual scrapbook of that time presented like a drive-in movie. Complete with cartoons before the feature and an intermission.

The description at Michael’s website goes on to add that the drive-in movie presentation is hosted by scream queen Debbie D, and the movie also features an archival appearance by the late George Putnam, who appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster, Independence Day.

The disc can be ordered directly from Michael’s website, Michael does not run a big studio with a disc pressing factory available at his fingertips, but is instead an independent moviemaker who has to jump through a few hoops, just as Gary Ugarek did, to put the title out on HD DVD. As such, pressing/shipping will begin as soon as 100 pre-orders are filled.

The first 100 to order Smokers will be listed under the “Special Thanks” section of the credits and also receive a bonus music track. All orders, not just the first batch, include a digital copy of the soundtrack and a signed/numbered certificate of authenticity.

Lest you think Michael is stuck in the past, he assures us that Smokers will eventually be out on Blu-ray too. However, he is saving the HD exclusive extras and bonuses only for his HD DVD bretheren.

If this goes well, Michael hopes to put out other titles on HD DVD. We’ll write about those titles here when they come out, and definitely follow the story about Smokers as it develops.

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