Looking Forward to Amazing Things in 2012

by Pravin on January 1st, 2012 in articles.

Happy New Year! 2011 was a very interesting year in terms of world events and technology, and even saw a little bit of HD DVD activity. As I walked through stores in the last few weeks, I was reminded of holiday seasons past when we were excited about Walmart featuring a low-cost HD DVD player in their big sale, or an Amazon sale on dozens of HD DVD titles.

Now, of course, the news is all about Blu-ray discs and players. 3D HDTVs have also captured some attention, accompanied by choices over which specific 3D method to use, reinforcing something we all experienced with HD DVD: every next “big thing” usually has some kinds of standards competition to go along with it.

Some of us are veterans of many such competitions, and we’ll undoubtedly be part of many more as we feed our love of gadgets and technology. I’m sure there’s going to be amazing new gadget goodness in 2012, and format wars or not, it’ll all be a lot of fun. Have a great new year!

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