Deadlands 2 Needs Your Vote

by Pravin on July 19th, 2010 in news.

Whether you’ve enjoyed Gary Ugarek’s Deadlands 2 on HD DVD or DVD, Gary sends in word now that he needs your votes in an Audience Choice award in the World Music Independent Film Festival. Simply go to, scroll down once or twice and select Deadlands 2 from the list of films, then scroll to the bottom to submit your vote.

In addition to the Audience Choice award, the film has been nominated in three other categories:

  1. Best Director
  2. Best Screenplay
  3. Best Horror/Thriller

Pass the word to your homies, comrades, confederates, associates, everybody! Deadlands 2 is within striking distance of second place, and with your help in spreading the word, first place is not out of the question. Voting closes on August 15, so act quickly.

Gary is currently in pre-production on Deadlands 3. At this point in the history of the discontinued format, it’s left to independent filmmakers like Gary, and Michael Bilinski (Smokers) to come out with a new title now and then on HD DVD. In the bigger picture, supporting indie artists of all kinds is good for art as a whole because those artists take on projects that the mainstream companies don’t always explore.

It’s easy for a studio to make a movie out of a book, comic, game, TV series, or remake another movie and just wait for the money to roll in. The same is true about music. Independent artists go beyond this factory-like churn and try something different. Whether they cross over or remain independent, they are eventually able to bring their vision to larger audiences, and new ideas into the industry. It all starts with grass roots support. Vote for Deadlands 2 and show your support for the guy who released on HD DVD just ’cause he wanted to.

UPDATE: Links in the article have been updated

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