Deadlands 1 Is Ready

by Pravin on December 11th, 2010 in movies.

From Gary Ugarek:

Deadlands: The Rising has joined its younger brother on the defunct HD DVD format so that HD DVD fans around the globe can have a complete set of the series. When HD DVD died so did the potential for films with multiple parts to join their already released brethern on the format (example, Harry potter 1-5 only made it to HD DVD, so those who want to complete the series have to own a Blu_Ray player to get 6, and both parts of 7). I was originally skeptical about releasing the film because it really isn’t HD worthy but the demand for it grew when the HD DVD of Deadlands 2 took off. So as of December 10th 2010 Zombie fans can order the HD DVD version from the official website, or eBay. The Blu-Ray release which will contain the same art work will be available December 17th 2010.

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