Are You Ready for Deadlands 1?

by Pravin on September 5th, 2010 in articles.

Our old pal Gary Ugarek is back with another HD DVD to release. As you already know from recent posts at the site, Deadlands 2 not only came out on HD DVD, it also won Indie film awards.

Gary is going back to his vault and bringing out a 500-copy limited production run of the original Deadlands 1 on HD DVD. Here’s the rest of the story directly from Gary:

Yep, it is official… I have gone completely off the deep end. HA

Due to the success of the Deadlands 2 HD DVD project from late 2009/early 2010 there has been a large demand from Deadlands 2 HD DVD owners to get Deadlands 1 onto the defunct format as well. We originally couldn’t put both together because at the time Deadlands 2 was under the Anthem label and Deadlands 1 under TEMPE VIDEO… now that Deadlands 2 is back in my possession and coming to DVD in an extended and unrated release this October… I found it would be easier to bring Deadlands 1 to the format as well and complete the boxset as intended.

However, this has proven to be an even harder task than it was to bring Deadlands 2 to the defunct format. While Deadlands 2 helped HD DVD crawl out of the grave and stumble around like a good zombie should… Deadlands 1 is proving to be even more challenging because stampers for the format are non existent and since Deadlands 2 had to be duplicated to HD DVD R… I have opted to do the same with Deadlands 1… this will help cut back on delays after delay in the production process… Deadlands 2 was nearly 8 months overdue before it finally hit HD DVD… but now we can make it happen and are going to make it happen.

Like Deadlands 2 Deadlands 1 will be an up-res of the original source material. Both films were shot nearly 100% Standard Def… only Deadlands 2 contains some HD footage. I will also pack the disc with special features… including some deleted scenes, and I am in the process of working on filming a brand new featurette titled BACK FROM THE GRAVE – Deadlands: The Rising 5 Years later. Special features from Deadlands 1 will carry over, and I will record a Brand Directors Commentary for Deadlands 1 just for this release.

I am currently working on assembling the original cast of the film and also trying to find all the b-roll footage to make some bang up special features to help fill the void. A full and complete list will be provided in the next 30 days. The best part is that Deadlands 2 owners will only have to take their HD DVD from its current case and drop into the empty slot in the 2 disc HD DVD case for the new release. only 500 copies will be made available this will match the limited production run of Deadlands 2. The disc set will be titled… BACK FROM THE GRAVE EDITION

Release Date: I am setting a release date of January 17th 2011, but I may release sooner. However January 17th is so far the date we will go with, this will allow me to address any delays.

Any questions let me know


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