Looking Forward to Amazing Things in 2012

by Pravin on January 1st, 2012 in articles.

Happy New Year! 2011 was a very interesting year in terms of world events and technology, and even saw a little bit of HD DVD activity. As I walked through stores in the last few weeks, I was reminded of holiday seasons past when we were excited about Walmart featuring a low-cost HD DVD player in their big sale, or an Amazon sale on dozens of HD DVD titles.

Now, of course, the news is all about Blu-ray discs and players. 3D HDTVs have also captured some attention, accompanied by choices over which specific 3D method to use, reinforcing something we all experienced with HD DVD: every next “big thing” usually has some kinds of standards competition to go along with it.

Some of us are veterans of many such competitions, and we’ll undoubtedly be part of many more as we feed our love of gadgets and technology. I’m sure there’s going to be amazing new gadget goodness in 2012, and format wars or not, it’ll all be a lot of fun. Have a great new year!

Is some game console or other device borrowing your HD DVD player’s HDMI cable or jack on your HDTV? It may be time to reclaim that cable or jack because Gary Ugarek has a new HD DVD in the pipeline.

The great Gary sent word of his newest feature film, “All in the Game” coming to HD DVD on December 6, 2011. Here’s exactly what Gary had to say:

My newest Feature film, the Urban Gangster Drama, ALL IN THE GAME, is coming to HD DVD December 6th 2011. Set as a very limited release (max 250 Copies) will be hitting full HD for all HD DVD Fans


2.0 Dolby Stereo Audio
Cast Interviews
St. Anger Music Video “U Heard Of Me”
Photo Gallery
and More

the Release will be on a 15gb HD DVDR, in addition for 3rd Generation playback, will include a HDDVDR 9gb supplement of the film and extras more »

What was the best?

by Pravin on September 10th, 2011 in articles.

Matthew M stopped by to ask a few questions that have probably been discussed by many at forums and amongst friends, and even around the water cooler.

Don’t know if you get this – 2 questions:

1) After all was said and done, what was the BEST QUALITY HD DVD player made?

2) Did they ever release an HD DVD recorder or burner to make HD DVDR disks? If so, the best one please.

Thank you for your efforts. I always preferred HD DVD over BluRay, the only thing I did not like was the movies released as Combo and not just HD DVD. Most were released both ways somewhere in the world but a few I wanted weren’t, very sad.

Ask what the “best” of something is, and you’ll usually bring up a lot of opinions, sometimes even backed up with evidence. Please share in the comments about what you think the “best quality” HD DVD player was, and the best of the HD DVD burners.

Deadlands 1 Is Ready

by Pravin on December 11th, 2010 in movies.

From Gary Ugarek:

Deadlands: The Rising has joined its younger brother on the defunct HD DVD format so that HD DVD fans around the globe can have a complete set of the series. When HD DVD died so did the potential for films with multiple parts to join their already released brethern on the format (example, Harry potter 1-5 only made it to HD DVD, so those who want to complete the series have to own a Blu_Ray player to get 6, and both parts of 7). I was originally skeptical about releasing the film because it really isn’t HD worthy but the demand for it grew when the HD DVD of Deadlands 2 took off. So as of December 10th 2010 Zombie fans can order the HD DVD version from the official website, or eBay. The Blu-Ray release which will contain the same art work will be available December 17th 2010.

Order from:

The Most Surprising Black Friday News

by Pravin on November 27th, 2010 in movies, news.

UPDATE: link to box art (click here)

One day, they’re gonna write folk songs about Gary Ugarek. Maybe they’ll even make Chuck Norris-like jokes, except the punchlines will be about how Gary has kept going back to support his dedicated fanbase and his own fondness for the HD DVD format.

Gary had had some amazing news about our favorite Blue laser format on this Black Friday: The original Deadlands movie will soon be released on a limited edition HD DVD release set for January 11, 2011.

Here’s the story straight from Gary’s press release:


WETNWILDRADIO FILMS is proud to announce their first motion picture feature, the 2006 indie sleeper hit DEADLANDS: THE RISING will be joining its younger brother, DEADLANDS 2: TRAPPED on the defunct HD DVD format for a limited edition run for all the HD DVD enthusiasts that still support the former TOSHIBA format.

Deadlands 1 & 2 Director Gary Ugarek, a huge supporter of the format campaigned to release the 2008 follow up to Deadlands 1, Deadlands 2: Trapped, on the format and the release was a massive success. While only released in a limited edition quantity of 500 copies, the title quickly sold out and now fetches top dollar as a collectors item via eBay auction and other online purchasing sources. It was only proper to release the original film on the format to help those who collected Deadlands 2, so they had a current and complete series.

“After the release of Deadlands 2 on HD DVD, the fans wanted the first film to also join the format. At first i was skeptical because Deadlands 1 wasn’t exactly a prime candidate for an HD DVD release, but after mulling it over for a few month I decided to give the fans of Deadlands 2 and HD DVD what they wanted…” – Gary Ugarek Writer/Director and CEO of WETNWILDRADIO FILMS.

Deadlands: The Rising is very much a Low Budget film, shot on a small budget of about $10,800.00 USD, while Deadlands 2, was shot on an even smaller budget of $6,000.00 USD. Combined both films have won a total of 6 awards and have garnered over 15 nominations at various film festivals around the world. Deadlands; The Rising was originally released by TEMPE VIDEO in April 2007 through their partner label SPLATTER RAMPAGE, and has remained the distributor top selling Zombie related title since its release in 2007. Deadlands 2: Trapped recently joined the TEMPE library with an extended and unrated release on October 19th 2010. (Deadlands 2: Trapped was originally released by LA Based Anthem Pictures in 2009, Anthem is the US distributor of the Deadlands 2 HD DVD)

The Deadlands: The Rising HD DVD will come with a plethora of new features including:

Extended Work Print Version of the film – Contains over 2+ Minutes of material not int he original DVD release and an Alternate Ending
Original Ending for the film
Deleted Scenes
5 Years Later – A Look Back at the Making of Deadlands: The Rising
Behind The Scenes – The Traffic Jam sequence
Behind The Scenes – Over Budget, Location short and trying to get it finished a short look at the headaches of producing the first feature film writer/director Gary Ugarek undertook.
much much more.

What makes this release more unique is not only is it another release for the format long considered defunct since 2008, but the HD DVD fan community helped make the release a reality. Fans of the format helped with everything from the authoring of the Disc itself to the ARTWORK for the release.

“Because HD DVD Authoring is more or less non-existent through production houses, the HD DVD fan community at HighDefDigest.Com helped WETnWILDRADIO FILMS bring everything together. Fans and supporters from France and Spain have gone above and beyond to make sure this release is as perfect as it can be by lending their expertise in the authoring of such a long forgotten format that has very little in the way of professional authoring tools available. This has really been an HD DVD Community effort and i am damn proud of the work accomplished by all involved.” – Gary Ugarek

Deadlands: The Rising is set for an early 2011 Release (January 11th 2011)

For more information about the film visit the official website at www.playingwithdeadthings.com

Gary Ugarek

Go Gary!

Are You Ready for Deadlands 1?

by Pravin on September 5th, 2010 in articles.

Our old pal Gary Ugarek is back with another HD DVD to release. As you already know from recent posts at the site, Deadlands 2 not only came out on HD DVD, it also won Indie film awards.

Gary is going back to his vault and bringing out a 500-copy limited production run of the original Deadlands 1 on HD DVD. Here’s the rest of the story directly from Gary: more »

Deadlands 2 Takes the Prize!

by Pravin on August 17th, 2010 in news.

Thanks to all of your support, (and that of many, many others) Gary Ugarek’s Deadlands 2 won the People’s Choice Award for the 2010 World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC.

Gary worked hard to round up votes from this and many other websites and was able to garner over 53,000 votes, winning by a margin of 16,000 votes over The Mountain Music Project, a documentary about mountain music from Appalachia to the Himalayas.

A hearty congratulations to you, Gary!

Deadlands 2 Needs Your Vote

by Pravin on July 19th, 2010 in news.

Whether you’ve enjoyed Gary Ugarek’s Deadlands 2 on HD DVD or DVD, Gary sends in word now that he needs your votes in an Audience Choice award in the World Music Independent Film Festival. Simply go to http://wmiff.com/?q=movies/vote-peoples-choice-film, scroll down once or twice and select Deadlands 2 from the list of films, then scroll to the bottom to submit your vote.

In addition to the Audience Choice award, the film has been nominated in three other categories:

  1. Best Director
  2. Best Screenplay
  3. Best Horror/Thriller

Pass the word to your homies, comrades, confederates, associates, everybody! Deadlands 2 is within striking distance of second place, and with your help in spreading the word, first place is not out of the question. Voting closes on August 15, so act quickly.

Gary is currently in pre-production on Deadlands 3. At this point in the history of the discontinued format, it’s left to independent filmmakers like Gary, and Michael Bilinski (Smokers) to come out with a new title now and then on HD DVD. In the bigger picture, supporting indie artists of all kinds is good for art as a whole because those artists take on projects that the mainstream companies don’t always explore.

It’s easy for a studio to make a movie out of a book, comic, game, TV series, or remake another movie and just wait for the money to roll in. The same is true about music. Independent artists go beyond this factory-like churn and try something different. Whether they cross over or remain independent, they are eventually able to bring their vision to larger audiences, and new ideas into the industry. It all starts with grass roots support. Vote for Deadlands 2 and show your support for the guy who released on HD DVD just ’cause he wanted to.

UPDATE: Links in the article have been updated

New Indie HD DVD Release: Smokers

by Pravin on June 10th, 2010 in movies, news.

UPDATE June 30: First 100 Pre-orders are in, the disc is on!

Did you think you had every last HD DVD disc accounted for? You even counted Gary Ugarek’s Deadlands which came out this year, long after the official HD DVD party ended?

Well, pull out that spreadsheet or database program, because there’s soon going to be one more HD DVD title to add to the list (and maybe even more than that if things go well).

Indie filmmaker, and HD DVD fan, Michael Bilinski joins the ranks of fellow independent Gary Ugarek, in making an HD DVD version of his movie, Smokers.

In Michael’s own words: more »